My lifeview

(based on the exercise in the book Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett)

We are here to explore ourselves and the universe, love, and create things of beauty and transcendence.

Meaning of life is to give my gifts as fully as possible with love and dissolve in the bliss of this process. And to enjoy life, have fun and love lots.

Each person is free and responsible for themselves. People come together to negotiate a society and cooperate to serve mutual interests.

Family is the root. And the leaves and fruits the tree bears. Finland, my homeland, is also a part of my roots. We all live in the spaceship Earth as for now.

Good is to help the potential to flourish and grow. Evil is the hindrance and blocking of potential.

Joy and happy heart are the manifestations of a good life. Love is truth and together they are everything. Suffering, sorrow, letting go and dying are integral to life.

Peace is good because it leads to flourishing of potentials. Justice and righteousness are the very fabric of society and all cooperation among people. Without justice society will crumble like a house without a solid foundation. Strife is a dynamic in society because of people want the same things, have limited comprehension and many are self-righteous.

I don’t know if there is a god or something transcendent but life and existence itself is miraculous.

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